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Mare de MSN? Besoin d'un nouveau Messenger ? QQ MESSENGER INTERNATIONAL ~ GRATUIT & EN FRANCAIS.
Essayez-le  :g201j: ... Intéressant ... Une bonne alternative à MSN ...

QQ International

QQ International (QQi) 1.0 is a multi-language instant messenger client that's based on the platform of China's hugely popular chat program QQ.
Available in English, Japanese and French, QQi offers a bridge to any non-Chinese user to connect with the existing 600 million active Chinese language accounts.

  • For WindowsVersion 1.0
    Size: 24M
  • For Mac OSX
    Version 1.0 beta1
    Size: 14M
  • For iPhone and iPod Touch 2.0
    Version 3.4.2
    Size: 1.4M
  • Customized Skins
    Customize your QQ International platform with a unique selection of Chinese style skins.
  • File Transfer
    Send /receive folders directly; save the hassle for zipping and unzipping folders!
  • Screenshot
    Now you can paint with a free-style brush, and select thickness for the Rectangle and Ellipse Tools.
  • Translator
    Chat with people in different languages using the QQi Translator app.
  • CityWeekend
    Always stay connected to the best events and the hotest venues in the CityWeekend app.
  • ChinaDaily
    The best of the news only a click away with the ChinaDaily app.
Get Started

  • Step 1: Download & Install

  • Step 2: Create an account

  • Step 3: Login & Enjoy!

  • Click on your profile picture to edit your personal information.

  • To invite your friends, check the bottom of your QQi window and click on the invite button.

  • To join groups or create one of your own.

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